Human Rights? Should we fight for it at all?

Sunday, April 20, 2008 / Comments (1) / by sw

I received an email from blogcatalog when i checked my email today. It's an invitation to all bloggers to write on human rights issues on 15 May.

Human rights is never my cup of tea, nevertheless, perhaps i could contribute abit here. I won't blog about it on 15 May. Animals have their rights too and were given upon them because they cannot fight for their own rights and maybe that's the reason why authorities wanted to protect them. Humans are too demanding, and that could be the reason why we are derived of our rights. Give him an inch and he wants a yard and maybe that's why human rights campaign hardly change a thing.

We actually have plenty of rights in this democratic society. But we could ask for more to upsize our rights. I would prefer those world class organisations to help poor economies. Fill the stomachs first before anything else.

I wonder how much success had human rights organisations gained over the last decades. I don't agree to cruelty to another human but then, we have to be realistic, how many human rights do we actually want?

Of course, we can't let anyone takes away our rights but are we really that derived? The tragedies in Burma or Myanmar, depending on your political stand or Tibet is a result of dictatorship. Can we have Democracy Rights instead? Democracy Rights and Human Rights, are there any different? I would say YES. Think about it.

Why fight for human rights when dictatorship has yet been removed? I am not saying that dictatorship is the only source of problem, at least that's the more common one.

Nothing else to write about human rights since it cannot be resolved at all. I am not writing bullshit here but think about it. Can you, me or us change the world at will?


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