Something is wrong with me today (my diet gone haywire)

Monday, April 07, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Went to work today as usual without breakfast, but i felt something different....lethargic, fatigue, lost of concentration.

In fact, for all these years, i seldom (almost never) take breakfast before i go to work, and seldom (almost never) take lunch because i will feel sleepy after a meal in the afternoon. So you could say that i take only 1 meal per day that is my dinner for the past few years...maybe 5-6 years already?

5-6 years~~

My doctor was surprised when i told her that (visited her 1 month ago when i caught a serious flu). I think there ain't many people like me who can endure with only 1 meal per day. But i felt different today, felt so weak as if i am going to fall sick. Hmm...i didn't take care of my health too well. I guess i got to have regular meals SOON otherwise my immune system is going to collapse one of these days. Got to take some Vitamin C, super dosage type, 1000mg beside my daily dosage of B Complex and Omega 3, but i heard krill oil is better than pure Omega 3.

Nevertheless, i got to exercise more as well, i have put on alot of weight despite low meal intake coz i ate quite alot over the weekend, it's like...compensating myself for the lack of meals during the weekdays :P

Plus plenty of late nights.....sigh, i looked older than i should.

Preparing for my exams

Just finished a portion of my revision. I am burning mid night oil again, guess i need to go for facial after my exams, but i know myself too well, it's useless. I like to keep myself busy, cannot stay in my house and slack, must do something at all time.
Either reading, surfing, blogging, listening to podcast/zencast, write something, sms someone etc....etc... I just cannot sit still.
Like now. I just took a break from my revision and i am downloading some audiofiles from businessweek. Cannot stay still...
OK. I need to go off for second round of revision now. I may be back if i am still awake later.