I550W? No way! Cannot make it

Sunday, April 06, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

This phone has a very sleek design, but seriously, i wonder how could a phone relies on design instead of features and performance. I was thinking of getting this intially, but after a few reviews i have read i have decided to hold on to my decision.

Some of the feedbacks i saw from the users

BTW, for those using the phone, do you find yourself having to charge daily? I am surprised as the 1200mAH batt life seems pretty short! And this even with v moderate usage (10 mins web surfing using GPRS, send & receive 10 SMS, 30 mins GPS, almost no calls made/received). But phone is set to dual mode network daily. Either this phone really uses a lot of juice or my batt is faulty. I did charge it for 9 hours 1st time on phone purchase.

the battery life sucks for such a big batt

ball cursor ...sucks big time call quality ...not as good as the other phones i used previouslyscreen ...cannot see properly under direct sunlight (N82 & my previous 6110 navigator did not have this problem) symbian 60 S/W seems to lack some parts battery life ...cannot make it

Just noticed something: My phone tends to heat up when I surf web thru GPRS. At the same time, batt level falls dramatically within minutes.

I am not going discredit this phone until i get my hands on it. I am lucky to get a feel of the phone at Samsung's roadshow. The trackball is really NOT sensitive, it's disappointing. It's troublesome to navigate within the menu. Iam not sure about the GPS since i didn't try that.

Poor battery is a good enough reason for me to stay away from this phone. There's really no point for me to get a phone when the battery runs flat easily, i don't want to miss an important at anytime of the day.

So. I have no vested interest anymore.

Maybe i should wait for Nokia E71, but there's no news from Nokia yet. OR get the E61i, although it's a discontinued model now, but i can still find a few brand new sets in yahoo.

So for now, i will stick to my SE phone.