No time for Toastmasters

Tuesday, April 01, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Received a SMS from Rajan this evening asking me if i want to renew my membership. schedule is a little tight now. I can't continue with toastmasters. I only managed to scrap through my first project, few months ago.

Will go back to toastmasters in June. Hopefully i can still do public speaking after few months of rest. The first one is not too bad, can't wait to start project 2 in June.

In the meantime, i have to concentrate with my exams. Last paper in May, those of you reading this, don't think that i am a very young chap. No i am not! Old man lah. Finished school more than a decade ago. Upgrading now to a degree.

Working full time + part time studies = No time for many things + very tired + old bones breaking + swollen eyes :{

But no choice lah. Didn't want to study when i was younger......

One evening gone

Collected my dress shirts from Daniel this evening. 2 pieces to be exact, as usual, long queue at his shop. He seems to be the busiest tailor, i don't see as many customers in other shops. Anyway, made a pair of dark grey pants today (to be collected on 14/04/2008), i have too many black pants. Will try loud design next time, black blue stripes and checkers designs.....

Signed off to go to bed.