The Forbidden Kingdom is a lousy movie

Saturday, April 19, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Started my revision at 9am this morning, after 3+ hours my brain juice is running dry, so i deceived to watch a movie for break. There isn't any good movies for the past few weeks, limiting my choices to Funny Games and Forbidden Kingdom.

My first choice is Forbidden Kingdom between the 2 because of Jackie Chan.

Sigh, everything is in English except for a few scenes. This is somehow a Chinese epic movie, at least with the Monkey King in it. I couldn't believed what i saw, Jackie Chan the drunken master was speaking Chinese to Michael Angarano, and when he couldn't understand Jackie Chan, hmm..JC started to speak in English......OMG. I mean are those people from that era supposed to know enlgish and chinese??? Can switch from CCTV to CNN anytime. This is a made for USA movie for sure but at least put some sense into it.

Monkey King spoke english, best of all the JADE EMPEROR! spoke english. Graphics were good lah but then the story is so weak i won't even rent a DVD. Very disappointed with the movie. It's a pity that Collin Chan the bad guy from Flashpoint aka Tony didn't have much scene in the movie.

Wasted $11 on this movie, but i had a good rest. It's time to go back to my books.