Any suggestions?

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I am trying to improve on my blog. Please give me some suggestions.


Sunday, March 30, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Got myself a digicam today, it's an old model from canon, IXUS 800, which is no longer available in store. I was thinking of getting the 80IS or 800IS before the decision to buy 800IS. The cam is only 6mgp which is sufficient for me now, 8 mgp will be an overkill. I buy because DPreview gave a higher rating to the 800 than 80.

Will take some test shots and see the image quality.


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Writing to past time before i go off to iron my clothes.

What happened today

  1. Almost screwed up my blog when i tried to upload a new template.
  2. Intensive revision for my exams in May. 6 hours straight! My old bones cannot take it.
  3. Found a seller for 800IS
  4. Watched Shutter yesterday evening. Not a bad moving, the ghost is not scaring but the suspense makes it spooky.
  5. Went Orchard road yesterday to shop, but after 3 hours, i cannot find an item i like. :/ I am a very fussy consumer.

OK. Channel 46 showing taiwanese paranormal variety programme at 11pm.

Signed off

Smoking tortoise found in China

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News found on yahoo

BEIJING (AFP) - - A tortoise that smokes and appears to be addicted to nicotine has been discovered in China's northeastern province of Jilin, state media reported on Thursday. The animal is the pet of a man, identified by his surname Yun, who is himself a smoker, Xinhua news agency said, quoting a local newspaper.

One day, Yun teased the tortoise by putting a cigarette butt into its mouth, and to his surprise it started to smoke it, according to the news agency.

From then on, he shared his cigarettes with his pet, Xinhua said.
"It seems to have become addicted," Yun was quoted as saying.
"Whenever I smoke in front of it, it will stick its head out of the water and fidget about until I give it the stub."

Yun proved his claim by putting a cigarette in the tortoise's mouth in front the paper's reporter and his neighbours, Xinhua quoted the newspaper as saying.

To everyone's surprise, the tortoise finished it in less than four minutes, the news agency said.
Monkeys have been know to smoke in imitation of human beings, the deputy secretary-general of Jilin's Wildlife Conservation Society told Xinhua.

But he said he had never heard of a tortoise lighting up.

My blog is worth nothing

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Just did a check on Technorati's blog is currently worth $0.00

Free widgets

Friday, March 28, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Looking for some free widgets to "beautify"this blog. anyone has good links to share?

Another prize from wallstraits

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Received this book from wallstraits today after taking part in their online quiz. They are getting more and more pro nowadays.

Curtis Montgomery signed on this blank page.

"May your portfolio be perfect" I really need this! My portfolio is in the red since last year, struggling to break even now.

It's going to be shitty when US goes into recession now.:{

Error again

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I tried to upload a new template again today, in fact several of them, after 5-6 attempts i kept getting the same error message.

I wanted to change the layout to 3 columns, sidebars on the right instead of the split. But i can't....

Movie + DVDsss

Saturday, March 22, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Watched a movie by Kelvin Tong today, Rule #1 and 4 DVDs, now my eyes are a little swollen.

The Chronicles Of Narnia, nice graphics! the CG is very good, didn't regret watching this movie. I like fantasy movies.

Lousy show, supposed to be a horror show but turned out to be horrible. The pace is a disappointing

I watched this movie because of jessica alba, she is so hot and beautiful. The movie has a good twist, i liked the pace of the movie too.

Primeval aka crocodile that appeared very little in the movie. Man fighting man for most of the time. The croc wasn't caught in the end, this was based on a true encounter, the real croc Gustave wasn't caught until today, so i guessed the story writer leaves it that way, and that's why the ending is a little weak.

Nice movie by a local director, better than Jack Neo. This story has a twist although isn't too dramatic. Shawn Yue acts very well, the ghosts are quite scary, scare factor is good. Hopefully, our local boys can come up with good movie like this in the future.

A good day with plenty of shows to watch.


Friday, March 21, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Went starhub to test out the new i550w from samsung, nice phone with wifi. but the rollerball thing doesn't seems to be sensitive. but i have only play with the dummy set.

I was told that this phone will be out on saturday.


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Tried to upload a new template but keep getting an error message.....dammit


Wednesday, March 19, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Tried searching for a suitable digicam, but till now i couldn't find one i like. Went Isetan and Takashimaya to buy a pair of Florshiem shoes, but sway, out of stocks. Same design not coming in anymore. Wanted to buy E61i, went out of stock! wanted to buy a cam, went out of stock! wanted to buy a pair of shoes, unfortunately also went out of stock!

Now waiting for Samsung I550W to be launched this saturday, this i confirm will not go out of stock, the only concern is the price tag, should be around $700 without contract.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Won this waterman pen from after taking a quizz online. Took the quizz last week, and the prize was delivered to me this afternoon.

Courtesy of

Lydia Sum the White Locust?

Monday, March 17, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Caught this at Wayne's dhamma blog, ok, he is a friend of Larry (who is also my friend) who used to frequent Smoke's forum, i meant both us frequent this forum, i think wayne is also a member. Coincidently, wayne is also learning under M. Johnnie, but i have only met him twice so far.

He took an extract from Shin Min, which reported that it is predicted that Lydia will return as a white animal of insect upon her return, surprisingly reporters who waited outside her house saw a white locust on her manager's car.

I was i thinking if recairnation actually exists, although a buddhist myself, i have never consider myself a good buddhist. Do people who died just died? or They really transit into someone/something different.

Does karma happens to everyone? Is there a god? Or simply the events and happenings are part of Nature's Law? Not trying to get too cosmo here.


Sunday, March 16, 2008 / Comments (1) / by sw

I have beenn toying with the idea of shifting my blog to Wordpress, but not sure if it's user friendly as they disallowed javascript for whatever security reason.

Any wordpress bloggers here?

Another DVD today

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Fantastic movie, plenty of gore

I think this movie is based on a real story that happened in texas, therefore the name Texas Chainsaw Massacre, starring Jessica Biel.
Very intense plot, the thrill happened when jessica and friends picked up a girl (who was tortured) who later shot herself to death. Got chased by a pyscho who killed her friends, she then took refuge in a house, but sway, there are 2 women there who happened to be the family of the pyscho. Then action starts, she ran off again, met a helpful driver who picked her up in his truck, drove off to seek help, then the truck came to a house......
This movie is nice, but very bloody.

New sale

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I have just uploaded 6 more books for cheap cheap sale, genres include, office politics, pyschology, self help etc...

Botak learns to kill

Sunday, March 16, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Watched the DVD of Hitman, not impressive at all

Quite disappointed in game-turned movie flick, Agent 47 walks too freely, lousy kills. not stylo at all.

Bigmoats revamped

Saturday, March 15, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Just revamped my investment blog at

Removed most of the elements at the blog, i only retained my protfolio reviews in the end. My watchlsit can also be found there.

IXUS 860 feels good

Friday, March 14, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Tried the IXUS 860 today at Bugis, although IXUS 860 isn't an ultracompact cam, the feel of the grip is rather good. Tried the zoom which is much better than W80 with better clarity. The price i saw is $599, dropped from $669.

Can go for this model. But i will wait for the price to drop further.

Long wait is over

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Finally get to buy KTL and Lian Beng today. Been waiting for the right price to buy these counters and i tried in previous attempts without any success. Finally i got them today. I will update my portfolio soon.

Which cam to get?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Too many digicams to choose from, my choice initially was W80, now there is IXUS 860IS and 80IS,

Which one to get? I personally like canon cams, but the prices are way too steep for a digicam. Maybe i should wait till COMEX 08 before i commit or wait till bargaincity gves a good bargain for these models.

Back of 860IS, Nice layout

Quit smoking

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

I have decided to stop smoking from now on. Been smoking 1 hard pack per day for the past 10 years or so, maybe longer, but I can’t remember now. My complexion has turned bad, smelly odour (not BO), and my stamina has dropped a lot, yawn a lot more, need longer rest each time I exercise.

My smoker’s cough is getting more frequent now, so I really have no choice but to stay away from ciggies. I think I should go to the doctor to test my nicotine level first. It’s also a waste of money to smoke everyday.

So good luck to myself, I will begin my cold turkey tonight. Why tonight? Cause, I smoked more at night than in the day. Work is busy so no time to smoke.

OK. Cold turkey……..


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Went to the golf range today. I wanted to take up beginner's golf lesson but the rates are little steep, starting from $650/8 lessons to as high as $900. Wanted to take up golf for sometime already but have yet to take any action. Will most probably do it June. Schedule is very tight, i even have to stop my toastmaster's activities until June.


Read from the newpaper today, man who resemble Mas Selamat was cornered by a group of suspicious men. This escape has really costed plenty of inconvience, more than 900 calls to the police to date. How long can he hide? This time, really lose face.

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Random shots

Image hosted by

Event Photos

Image hosted by
Next: Singapore drfit

IT Show 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Overcrowded event. Too many people at the IT Show this after, was there from 1-5pm. The turn out was so overwhelming that the organiser had to broadcast "Please come back in 1 hour's time"

Too many people for my comfort, wanted to get a semi-pro cam, but no chance to try them out. Nevertheless, not much has changed since the last IT Show, Sony has the most impressive booths, from Sony Ericsson to Playstation 3.

There's a small stage for demo and catwalk. The lady in white is demostrating the features of Vaio. But again too many people cramped in a narrow walkway.

Models doing the catwalk with Sony's products.
I can only take the pictures from the side

Car audio.
The major brands are there, didn't get to see HP, wonder if i missed them or they aren't there at all.

Still a good experience, plenty of good deals,
but prices aren't much of a different from the usual retail prices.
Look at the crowd, even though this picture isn't
a good representation of the turn out.
Saw a semi-pro cam from Sony H9 with 15X Zoom, but didn't get a chance to try it. Olympus did launched a 20X zoom cam, but the sale representative said that the cam has ran out of battery so i didn't have chance to try it either:(

Did i mentioned that this event is similar to the one we have last year? There is something different, the models! Last year we have more models, but for this one we have a few but very beautiful and sweet looking.
Now, i am looking towards the PC Show somewehre in late May 08.
I will load more photos at webshots.
Went to the tailor after this to get my shirt.

Friday, March 07, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

My favourite cap. Wear this whenever i go to the beach

"Leftover" pics from last motorshow

Thursday, March 06, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

LOL. It's way too late to post the pics now but i found some which i think i should post them here. From the last Motorshow in 2006 the next one will be 2008 should be around November.

Potato @ AMK HUb

Thursday, March 06, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

This stall outside AMK Hub sells very nice baked potatoes in many flavours, original, chicken, fish and etc...

The original flavour is very nice, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The potatoes sell fast, but i can't eat too much now because i am trying to lose weight. Aim to lose 5 kg, but once in awhile should be fine.

The youtiao stall next door is also good, the youtiao is very crispy, and very good to chew.

Original at $2 each
The chicken flavour not so nice, the original is the best better than the fresh potato from delifrance.

One last try

Thursday, March 06, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Anyone has this model for sale? Leave your comments and quote me a price.

I gave up

Thursday, March 06, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

I gave up on e61i already, always go out stock when i wanted to buy and i was told that this model is going to phase out very soon. new model will be out in May. G900 from SE should be release during this time as well.

Movietime 05/03/2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

OK. I am feeling bored today so i decided to watch 2 movies at one go and rent a DVD to watch. Well epic movies never really made sense to me, watching such movies is purely for laughter only not for the story.

But Meet the Spartans is really stupid, and it's not funny at all. Nothing interesting about the movie except for the scene where they got a britney spears look-alike to shave her hair, and Leonadis kicked her down the Pit of Death.:P

Really nothing fantastic, should have wait for the vcd intead. The only reason for watching this movie is C armen Electra, she is hot but Jessica Alba is better:P Except for this, it's a waste of time.

CJ7 is better, not the usual xing ye's flicks but still not bad, quite a touching story. I think xing ye has lost his touch, he should work with wu meng da again, they are good partners. Not many good shows nowadays....hmm i will go watch 10000BC next.

I missed Bourne Ultimatum on the big screen so i went to rent the DVD, VCD isn't out yet. Good show especially the car chase scene, very exciting, good action. Didn't regret watching this show.

I wonder what happened to Hong Kong made movies, the standard dropped so much. I could hardly see any Hong Kong movies nowadaysless to say quality ones.