I have got adverts

Sunday, April 13, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Haven't been updating my blog for the past few days because i am busy preparing for my exams. It has been very stressful for me, but it will be over soon in May :}

It caught me by surprise when i logged in today to see a Nuffnang ad. Wooh!, they have finally put an ad on my blog. I thought for a moment that i have a boring blog that they wouldn't be interested in.

My schedule haven't been interesting for the past few days. I cut off all entertainment to study straight after work. I usually reached homeat about 8 and dive into my books at around 9 then call it a day at around 1+ to 2am. My eye bags are getting heavier now, my eyes looked kinda swollen.

I need to sign off for now, so see you. Have a very nice and pleasant weekend.