Kinda stressed out

Saturday, April 05, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Have been preparing for my exams in May, i saw the past years' exam questions, they ain't easy. I still fall short of the revision hours i have put up at my studies blog, myuol, i guessed 12 hrs of intensive revision is never easy.

My old brain seems to slow down quite alot, but the good news is...i am not suffering from dementia. I will usually take my omega 3 supplements before reading my texts...but this particular brand, OceanHealth, doesn't seems to be effective on me.

Nordic Natural seems to have very good feedbacks, but the supplements ain't cheap, cost around $50+ for a half month supply.

Let me current brand of supplements contain 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA, the one from Nordic is higher. I need plenty of DHA now.

It's not easy to study at home with lots of distraction, but err....i managed to pull through, refused to be tempted by National Geographic. I didn't really step out of the house today, except to open my letter box for The Edge. Not too bad, quite a fruitful day but could have been so much better.

No time to cook instant i ordered Canadian Pizza! 2 for 1, it's very a good deal. The pizzas were still hot when they arrived.


With 1 more month to go before the exams, i still have some time on hand, thanks to those folks at YANSA, revision is made easy.
I need to go off for a short while to iron my clothes.