Trip to Pulau Ubin

Sunday, March 02, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

This is the part 1. I alight at Loyang when i am on my way to Changi point Jetty, went to the famous loyang tua peh kong temple. it was my first vist there, my...the temple is magnificient, splendid. It looks very majestic. The temple also housed Ganesha, the elephant god from Hinduism.



Tentage outside the temple. Free beehoon+drink.

Alot of people wrote on this big rat

& this ingot
Far shot of the main hall

back of the temple, 12 astrology animals, with abacus.

Visitors are supposed to roll the abacus here for good luck. There's a Earth God altar and Tiger God's altar outside the temple, but i didn't managed to get the pictures.

There 12 incense pots all over the temple, don't even know where are these until i checked with one uncle.

The temple has a money changing machine, and the offerings are totally self service. Drop $2 into a cash box, then collect the offering items, joss sticks, incense papers, tea leaves, sweets and 2 candles.

Went to the jetty after this..