Lydia Sum the White Locust?

Monday, March 17, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Caught this at Wayne's dhamma blog, ok, he is a friend of Larry (who is also my friend) who used to frequent Smoke's forum, i meant both us frequent this forum, i think wayne is also a member. Coincidently, wayne is also learning under M. Johnnie, but i have only met him twice so far.

He took an extract from Shin Min, which reported that it is predicted that Lydia will return as a white animal of insect upon her return, surprisingly reporters who waited outside her house saw a white locust on her manager's car.

I was i thinking if recairnation actually exists, although a buddhist myself, i have never consider myself a good buddhist. Do people who died just died? or They really transit into someone/something different.

Does karma happens to everyone? Is there a god? Or simply the events and happenings are part of Nature's Law? Not trying to get too cosmo here.