Pulau Ubin 2

Monday, March 03, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Part 2

Too tired yesterday to upload some of the pictures i took at pulau ubin. here they are but it's not a complete album..

At the jetty

A long queue for the bumboats

It was a nice sunday, i intended to reach the jetty at 8.30am but i overslept. The weather is not so good that day, it was drizzling when i was there and i was hoping that the dark clouds would disperse.

Look at the weather.

The bumboat i took

The rain got heavier along the journey. Look at the waves.


This is a nice and peaceful place, the people are friendly and the seafood is nice. Things are cheap and plenty of fresh air.

The houses and shops are really the kampong style, reminds me of my kampong days, but i can't recall vivdly how my kampong looks like but this place brought back some good feeling. Many dogs stroll in the streets.

Thinking about my kampong days....
Neighbours are living very close to each other and bond between neighbours is very close. Kids ran in the streets in singlets and slippers...sometimes without slippers. Buy tikum, drink bottled soft drinks, threw stones into the sea, cycle, comb the forest in pickups and lorries.

{Some very kampong type of environment}


Very kampong road

Very kampong shophouse
The whole display of goods in the shophouses resemble my old kampong.

Cannot find this type of signboard anymore.

Atap houses!

My first meal of the day. Fried hokkien mee. Tasty!

I couldn't stay there for long because the rain got really big and i got drenched badly. Didn't managed to go Chek Jawa and the chinese temple there. Lots of trekkers and cyclists there despite the rain. Have to made a u-turn to the jetty after a short while, and i didn't get to see the monitor lizards there also. But i will be back soon, maybe to cycle or fish.

Will get my kakis to go with me next time
Goodbye ubin, i will be back soon.