Asia Traders and Investor Convention

Saturday, March 01, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Suntec city today


The turnout at this event isn't what i have expected. Very small crowd today. I was expecting more people today.

Nevertheless, Nextview did a good job bringing creating lots of content, especially the seminars! Whole day packed with seminars.

I stopped by a booth promoting oil & gas investment by Oilpods, returns as promoted was at net 9% for the first year.


Wine investment

There are a few booths for wine investment, but this area is rather new to me. I invested mostly in stocks and unit trusts but never before in wine. One of the exhibitors, Universal Assets Group (no pics here), manned by very presentable staff....and a beautiful girl.

The returns on wine investment is about 12-40% on an average for 3 years. I have been considering wine investment since last year but did not acquire more information on this.


One of Nextview's booth, they have several booths in the hall.

MPH's booth offering some investment books. Wiley & Son was there too.

Althought, the crowd turnout isn't overwhelming, but the organizer did a good job by bringing varieties into the event.

Price for the ticket is $18 but Free for Investasia's members.