Movie + DVDsss

Saturday, March 22, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Watched a movie by Kelvin Tong today, Rule #1 and 4 DVDs, now my eyes are a little swollen.

The Chronicles Of Narnia, nice graphics! the CG is very good, didn't regret watching this movie. I like fantasy movies.

Lousy show, supposed to be a horror show but turned out to be horrible. The pace is a disappointing

I watched this movie because of jessica alba, she is so hot and beautiful. The movie has a good twist, i liked the pace of the movie too.

Primeval aka crocodile that appeared very little in the movie. Man fighting man for most of the time. The croc wasn't caught in the end, this was based on a true encounter, the real croc Gustave wasn't caught until today, so i guessed the story writer leaves it that way, and that's why the ending is a little weak.

Nice movie by a local director, better than Jack Neo. This story has a twist although isn't too dramatic. Shawn Yue acts very well, the ghosts are quite scary, scare factor is good. Hopefully, our local boys can come up with good movie like this in the future.

A good day with plenty of shows to watch.