No more donation

Friday, July 18, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

You know what i am referring to. NKF follows by Renci, i will still want to help some needy, perhaps this time i shall put my money in government's charity like comchest.

To be frank, i am not a charitable person but sometimes when i watched those charity shows, the plead of the patients really moved me. High profile organisations are problematic, i hope this monk is really innocent. You know what i meant.

He did all those stunts on TV, climb buildings, enveloped himself with ice cubes, walk around one of the tallest building in Singapore all for the sake of raising funds for his patients but then, scandals happened.

If he is really guilty then, this is BS! Do all those stuff to cheat the public.

Well, i really hope he is innocent.

Charity shows have a bad name now. What about those patients?

This is sad.