I can take a rest now

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Euro 2008 is OVER! Missed my sleep, goodbye to swollen eyes. Didn't win anything for euro bet, i actually bought Holland to win the champ, but then football is so unpredictable.

Spain won, they played good football, the final was entertaining. Good game.


Now i can go to sleep early.

Getting a new phone soon, the one which i have been waiting until my neck long, Nokia E71, nice and sleek. $498 now, quite cheap.

Going shopping this weekend. I won't be going to the tailoer this month, tailored too many clothes, i could hardly fit into some of them because i have put on some weight.

Lotsa things to do over the weekend. But it's still early, it's only Wednesday, guess i should look for another job soon, i no longer enjoy my current job. I was working for the money since the first day i started work, well i guess, i really need to do something i really enjoy otherwise i won't have the passion to carry on for a long time.

Anyway, well done SPAIN!