Wah headroll already.........

Monday, May 26, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

The superintendent of the Whitley Road Detention Centre sacked. Went CNA website to check after i took a glimpse on channel 8 news. I didn't get it wrong, several officers were either demoted or charged.

Our reputation really hurts this time round, but then, it's an isolated incident. Overall, i still have strong faith in our security. But Selamat is still missing, how? How long would we take to find him? Singapore is so small but yet it's so difficult to find someone missing....

Don't want to talk about it now, so disappointing.


Bought Football Manager 2008, FM2007 was fun and addictive, 2008 is even better. Haven't get to play much yet except for a few friendly matches, loading time is much faster. This game is more addictive than any other games i have played.

Games aside. I find that i am not very profficient in investment, although i have some profits from penny stocks like KTL, around 18%, unit trust losses have reduced, few funds are back in profits. My portfolio is in better shape now. (I took a peek today)

So i decided to do somemore reading on fundamental analysis, went to NLB to borrow a book by Damodaran, Investment Valuation, to spruce up my skills. Close to 1000 pages, so this will take me awhile to finish.