Sleepless but not tired

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Strange isn't it? I have yet to sleep since yesterday for more than 24 hours now. I rushed home after my last papers to take nap (was really sleepy yesterday, lack of sleep for days since the exams), BUT saw the mess in my bedroom, papers all over the place, had to do room cleaning instead. Well, after cleaning up my bedroom, saw a few books which i have borrowed from the i went to return those books by the time i am done..strange! i don't feel sleepy anymore...this is so weird.

I ended up staying awake and alert throughout the whole night till this morning, till this moment! I can't believe it. In fact, i am till alert now...but i am sure i will fall asleep after 12. Is there anything wrong with me???

By the way, i am so free now with basically nothing to do in the evening. Got to find something to do soon. I cannot stand idle around, i have to keep myself busy even on off days...

I will be going to ubin this saturday...too free on sat..hopefuly the weather will be fine. I wanted to visit chek jawa and look at the marine life. Got myself a canon 6mgp camera recently after all the positive reviews i have read. Will try out the capacity of this cam when i am there.