Praying at Wei tuo

Saturday, May 17, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Reached Changi jetty this morning at around 10am. Weather was fine, i didn't see that much people at the jetty. Boarded the bumboat immediatetly with no waiting time.


Very good weather

My breakfast. Mee goreng + fried youtiao with stuffed sotong.

The crowd was fascinating at Ubin, it was very crowded at that hour. Wanted to go chek jawa by foot but then realised that it will take at least 40 mins to reach there....i gave up. Checked with Nature Park information counter about the trails at chek jawa, but then i think there too many people asking the same question..LOL. He looks quite irritated. He talked as if he was rapping.

Anyway, i went over to Wei Tuo Fa Gong which i missed during my first trip to pray. I was surprise to see the couple tending the temple there. We took the same boat to ubin, i thought they were visitors at first.


Entrance to wei tuo

Feeding the tortise at the pond. $1 per packet of treats.

Tried the fortune telling at wei tuo. Not bad, but not very detailed. Ang pao $12. Waited for a long time before my turn, around 1 hour++. Finished at 3pm+, then took a taxi back to the jetty for $5.

Bumboat tickets at $2.50. Anyway, it was a good trip.
Forgotten to call Rajan for my membership.