We got silver!

Sunday, August 17, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

It was a fantastic match, although we lost to China.

Our team actually played well but China is better, especially Zhang yining, she has that fierce look. Li Jiawei didn't play quite well but then it is still good a piece of good news for us. So, i expect the tomorrow's papers to splash BIG headlines of our accomplishment.

"I am still no. 1"

Another event worth mentioning for this Final is the...."half-time" performance by the mascot panda, Jingjing. The dancing was so cute, but i noticed one thing, the man or woman, whoever in that suit isn't wearing any socks. I can see his legs and it looked kinda unsightly.

Nevermind the lost to China, we won the Silver.

She is quite a chick.

Don't you think so?