Must be true Singapore blood to win medals

Monday, August 18, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

I am referring to the today's TNP.

Our team has won silver but then some people claimed that our players are not of true singaporean blood. That's as good as taking away the credit from the 3 players. True, they are born in China and not Singapore but building a team like this is like building Singapore from scratch.

We need immigrants to build our country, make up for the short fall in our human resource, but these immigrants stay and started their family here. I hope our players do not give up their citizenship and go somewhere else. as we need pioneers to help us, to create something we can work on from now onwards.

But victory will taste better if our locals actually win it. But again, we didn't managed to do it by ourselves, so we need to be inspired by others.

How come no public holiday?