No jobs for me

Monday, June 02, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Didn't really searched, but i saw from the classified and a few online jobs portals, can't find what i want. They are either too demanding on my poor experience or the salary is too low.

Not easy hor. Alot of competition nowadays.

Hmm....i notice that i am getting too fat, my tummy is growing at an amazing rate, i thought my clothes shrunk....but my former colleague whom i met last weekend asked if my tummy comes from beer. So i must really be fat now.

Must get into shape soon, going for my weekend jog this saturday, oh Euro 2008 starts this sat, i am a fat old man now.

My ideal shape will be this...

Maybe 1 year? or more, totally ignorance in body building. I want to grow bigger biceps, forearmas, chests...ok that's an old photo of Donie Yen, wanted to be bigger than that extreme make-over. But no amino acid for me...

Go to go now. Bye..