Lazy week

Saturday, June 14, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Nothing much to do since Monday. I wanted to install a pc game, COD2, to kill time, but i realised that my lousy laptop couldn't make it, the game failed me in the try my luck on MMO, and found one Soldier Front, but there are a lot of young people in the game, so i guess this isn't a game for someone of my age.

Nevertheless, since i am quite lobo for a few days already, so i went to watch the Incredible Hullk. The CG is very nice, especially the Hulk much better than the first Lee Ang or John Woo? Can't remember. This one is SO MUCH better.

Very very old Hulk. Looks like the Hulk had a bad day,
like erm... maybe he found himself abnormal and turn green.
he looks really SHOCK!

Old Hulk

Hulk in 2008

The new Hulk looks better. I like the part where they show the skycam of Brazillian houses, fantastic man! But the movie is alittle overboard at first when US Task Force could just storm the streets of Brazil, bang into houses, bomb door without the sight of a single Brazillian police.
That's a little exaggerated, but overall i enjoyed movie.