Serve Nokia with a Writ

Monday, February 25, 2008 / Comments (0) / by sw

Read about the story of Ms Tan's claim against Nokia from the web few days back, I read it again today in the Straitstimes.

Bad publicity for Nokia but i don't think it's Nokia's policy to reject a refund, it's more likely due to less well-trained employee. It just doesn't make sense for a company to piss off the customers. Unfortunately, fingers are already pointing to the whole of Nokia for this incident.

It's so ridiculous that the RM actually ignored the order of tribunal.

The last time i used a Nokia phone was erm....more than 8 years ago, it was the smallest phone in the world at that time!-8210. Since then, i have been using SE. I am looking to go back to Nokia soon, but E61i was sold out. :( Waiting for the stock to come in maybe before the end of this week.

Nice phone, slightly wide but features wise, it has everything i am looking for.

Back to the topic.

Ms Tan won in the end. Really must praise her for her preserverance, she must be really damn pissed off with such customer service.

It's a shame that a small issue that could be resolved initially turned out this way.

Oh, it's the same model i am eyeing.